Smart citizenship Winter Lab

With more than 182 different nationalities, Brussels is one the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. We are with more than 1 million Brussels citizens from different cultures and generations that makes Brussels a fascinating and energetic place.

A walk through the city with experienced coaches will let you see the different challenges and problems in the field of health, transport, energy, ecology, racism or infrastructure. Thereafter you can use this information to find you own digital solution in the Fab and Medialab of the Erasmushogeschool with among other things laser cutters, 3D printers, Arduino and Virtual Reality. One great workweek will bring about a realtime working prototype or an artistic project that questions these problems. At the end of the Lab, you’ll have the opportunity to exhibit your work and show it to friends, policymakers, entrepreneurs. Your predecessors already made inspiring projects as a monorail-meeting space that connects the north to the south of the city, jewellery that changes colour depending on the CO2 content in the air, an application for the skateboarding community, intelligent bus stops that make people interact with each other, a GPS that brings grandparents to the most silent place in town or an interactive sound installations for the subway.