The Green Light District

Yogurt with human enzymes, a juicer which also prints pamphlets, a second life for extinct plants, bee colonies in an indoor winter garden, grown in vitro meat as new Burger,..How do technology and science change the relationship between man and nature in the city? Designers, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists present concrete projects that transcend a purely fatalistic view on ecological topics. Surprising, unprecedented small revolutions that make you think and will make you complicit.

AnneMarie Maes, Invisible Gardens, 2014.


Alberto Baraya (CO), Nick Ervinck (BE), Lucas Foglia (US), Brandon Ballengée (US), AnneMarie Maes (BE), David Bowen (US), Luc Deleu (BE), Maya Smrekar (SI), Peter De Cupere (BE), Bart Stolle (BE), Futurefarmers (US), Next Nature (NL), Generation Nano Supermarket (NL), Honoré d’O (BE), Ralphael Kim (UK), Mattia Casalegno (IT), Martin uit den Bogaard (NL), Koen Vanmechelen (BE), Eduardo Kac (US), Heath Bunting (UK), Mass Moving (BE) en Frederik De Wilde (BE).


BudaFabriek Kortrijk


Budafabriek, Verbeke Foundation, Stichting Liedts-Meesen


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