Gluon Spring Lab


In Open Biolab Brussels

Did you know that bacteria make up 2 to 3 kilograms of your bodyweight? And that these are found mostly on your skin and in your intestines? Gross? No way, we need them! Good bacteria help keep us healthy. Moreover, you can do really cool things with them!

During the Gluon Spring Lab, a collaboration between Gluon and the Open Biolab Brussels, we’ll work for one week together in a real laboratory. We’ll research bacteria on our smartphone, the soles of our shoes, and our hands, but also outside in the park. Then we’ll learn how to grow the bacteria and how to count them. With a microscope, we’ll take a closer look at them, give them color, or film how they change form when they’re given different nutrients. Further, we’ll make drawings with colored bacteria on a homemade growth medium, and we’ll try to light up a dark room with glowing bacteria. Artist Annemarie Maes, researchers at the EhB led by Tom Peeters, and the Gluon team will lead the lab. Together they’ll make sure that your biological experiments follow the scientific method and at the same time that they have an artistic side to them.

Age: 14 to 18 years old

Capacity: 16 participants.

Place: Open BioLab Brussels, Erasmushogeschool Brussel – Campus Jette, Laarbeeklaan 121, 1090 Jette

Date: From April 9 to April  13, we’ll be working together in the lab. During the weekend, we’ll exhibit the results in Gluon’s gallerie space (Slachthuisstraat 4-6, 1000 Brussel).

Price: Registering together with a friend, brother, or sister? Then participation in the lab is free! Registering alone? Then the price is 75€. To sign up, send an email to:


Foto ©annemariemaes