Political satire and humour in our online society

A Lecture by Kevin Kallaugher

07/05/19 - 19:00

New Zebra

Gustaaf Callierlaan 232

9000 Gent

In collaboration with Zebrastraat, Gluon invited the international award-winning political cartoonist, Kevin Kallaugher (°1955, USA), for a lecture on the role of political satire and humour in our online society. 

For media coverage we live in the best and worst times. Thanks to the internet, finding useful information and spreading news has never been easier. On the other hand, technological progress and social media platforms are making it increasingly difficult to distinguish between ‘true’ and ‘false’. But how new is the phenomenon of ‘fake news’? And how does it differ from historical phenomena such as political satire and cartoons? During his lecture, Kevin Kallaugher will discuss the political, cultural and scientific challenges that we are collectively confronted with by the platform of humour and cartoons.


Kevin Kallaugher is a political cartoonist for the American magazines “The Economist” and the “Baltimore Sun”. During his distinguished career of more than 36 years, he has made more than 8000 cartoons and 140 covers of magazines. He has already published more than 6 publications with his own work, received various international awards and his work is exhibited internationally. In 2006, Kallaugher was an Artist-in-Residence at the Imaging Research Center (IRC) of the University of Maryland (USA). In collaboration with the IRC, Kallaugher is a pioneer in the development of 3D digital caricatures that can be animated in real time. In 2007, Kallaugher founded its animation company Kaltoons LLC, based in Maryland, USA.


Tuesday 7 may 2019 – 19:00
New Zebra, Gustaaf Callierlaan 232, 9000 Gent