Thursday 21/3/2019


VUB - Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels

Within the framework of the Digital Spring, Gluon, and the universities VUB and ULB organize a series of conferences and an exhibition on artificial intelligence, art and creativity.

With recent developments in artificial intelligence, computers are taking part in creative processes by re-imagining photos in the style of a painter, suggesting ideas for film scripts, or composing short pieces of music. How can AI be put at the service of human creativity? Can the AI be creative in its own right? What is the artistic value of these AI productions?

The conferences of François Pachet and the duo formed by Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders offer some insights on the relationship between AI and creativity, while the exhibition presents interactive projects making innovative uses of this technology.

17:00: opening of the exhibition | Fireplace, Building Q
18:15: Home | Aula QD, Building Q
18:15: Lecture 1 | Aula QD, Building Q
• Dr. Rob Saunders & Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck, AI Artists and Researchers
19:00: Interval and exhibition, Fireplace, Building Q
19:30: Lecture 2 | Aula QD, Building Q
• Dr. François Pachet, Director of Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab
21:00: closing of the exhibition | Fireplace, Buildilng Q

About the speakers
– Dr. François Pachet
François Pachet is director of the Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab, where he designs the next generation of AI tools for musicians. With the label Flow Records, he released Hello World, the first musical album composed with an artificial intelligence. This album is the result of the collaboration between an AI system, Benoit Carré, aka SKYGGE, and many other musicians.

– Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck & Dr. Rob Saunders
Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders are artists and researchers. Their collaborative practice spans experimental arts and artificial intelligence to explore our relationship with machines. Their current project reimagines how machines can learn, behave, and affect us by working with dancers to ‘train’ a cube-shaped robotic object how to move.


Don’t Be Evil [Exhibition]
As part of the Digital Spring, Gluon presents the exhibition “Don’t Be Evil”. Through the work of 8 artists, the exhibition addresses the influence of AI on our society and our daily experience . Without reducing the actual potential of AI to create a better world, the artworks in this exhibition remove some of the mystery behind the operations of this technology. They invite us to reflect on the trust we put in these algorithms and the way in which we want to develop AI in the future.

Kanal – Centre Pompidou, Akenkaai, 1000 Brussels
March 22 – 24, 2019, 12:00 – 18:00
Free admission
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Unpacking AI
The collaboration of Gluon, ULB and VUB for this event falls within the project Unpacking AI. This project brings together universities and cultural institutions in Brussels around artificial intelligence, with the aim of developing citizens’ digital skills and raising their awareness of the societal challenges of AI. Launched in 2018, this project offers a program of conferences, exhibitions, artist residencies and workshops. The consortium of Unpacking AI is formed by the following institutions: Gluon, BOZAR, VUB, ULB, Erasmus Hogeschool.