Module 3: Third Platforms



Erasmushogeschool Brussel

Nijverheidskaai 170

1070 Anderlecht

In the third STARTS module, you will discover the challenges and dangers of Artificial Intelligence or A.I: essentially a digital brain that analyzes data and can ‘help’ people to make the right decisions. A.I can make the world more sustainable, safer and healthier, but at the same time also be used for destructive purposes. You gain insight into the technology and develop skills for chatbots such as Alexa and Google Home. These chatbots make the interface between Big data and User experience, allowing you to question and use ‘Big data’ in a natural way.

Wednesday 08/05, 15/05, 22/05, 29/05, 05/06, 12/06 

Each timefrom 14:00 till 17:00

60 € pp for the complete module (6 workshops)
100 € for registration per 2 people
Chance rate = Free