Pinar Yoldas


Budafabriek Kortrijk, Stad Kortrijk, Vlakwa, Leiedal

Gluon is putting together an exhibition about a sustainable approach to water. Under the title WATER.WAR, the exhibition recounts the relationship between human beings and the element most essential for their survival: water. People are physically and mentally dependent on this blue gold. Rivers, seas and oceans are a source of alternative energies and food. And yet we do not have a sustainable approach to water. Reckless water consumption, industrial pollution, climate change, overfishing… are global problems that we can’t ignore.

All of this demands change. Therefore we decided not to focus exclusively on doom and gloom scenarios, but have sought out positive aspects that are adventurous and surprising. Rising temperatures, melting polar ice caps may be prevalent but perhaps we can transform the sun’s rays into energy to create ice and water? Can we build giant seaweed plantations in order to combat climate change or distribute books with water filters throughout Africa?

WATER.WAR presents a series of inspiring works by national and international artists, social designers, researchers (technologists and scientists), innovative entrepreneurs and NGOs all of whom looked at the relationship between human beings and water and/or sought solutions for a sustainable relationship between the two. While artists query the world, a large number of innovative entrepreneurs, NGOs and researchers work toward finding specific solutions to the major problems of today. The critical connection between these different players does not just lead to interesting confrontations between different disciplines, but inspires visitors to the exhibition to take positive actions and think critically about water.

The WATER.WAR exhibition does not just present existing works and projects, but brings together artists, entrepreneurs and researchers through an open call for collaboration so that they can actively work around sustainability and water. These collaborations resulted in new artistic installations as well as innovative ideas, projects and applications for a 21st century water policy. The results of the open calls are integrated into the exhibition.

About Budafabriek

This former textile factory was converted into a workplace and presentation centre for transdisciplinary projects between artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, students and working citizens.

The mission of Budafabriek revolves around three core concepts:

LOVE: encounters and connections do not emerge on their own. Events and projects are organised with the aim of bringing innovative personalities from the economic, educational, artistic, healthcare sectors in contact with each other.

WORK: trans-disciplinary joint creative projects are developed around specific projects. This is visible every day in the Buda::Lab and during the living labs for example the current collaboration with LabMET (UGent).

SHARE: results of the partnerships or inspiring (international) examples are shown occasionally to the public. This was the case during De Maakbar (06.10.2013-08.12.2013), Green Light District (08.11.14-08.02.15) and the upcoming exhibition WATER.WAR (12.03.16-26.06.2016).