Corporate Parodies

In 1974, Nam June Paik launched the “Electronic Superhighway”, where artists and intellectuals would freely exchange data and movies and generate an unprecedented social impact. Creating a virtual public space is still the dream of the net. A place where people can participate to critical debates and freely share or provide information without interference from the state. (web 2.0)

Yet the democratic public space of the internet is threatened. The net seems more like a gigantic shopping mall, where the public space appears to be free, but is in reality monopolized by powerful Telecom, technology – and internet companies. Along the electronic highway logo’s such as Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TEDx rise. Powerful American brands who manage the infrastructure and services of the network.

This increasing centralization and commercialization of the internet leads to heated discussions. The multinationals are guilty of violating privacy, tracking user profiles and internet traffic and the use of personal data for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the Internet leads to unethical economic and political practices and manipulations of free speech by corporations with shareholders.

The exhibition Corporate Parodies shows how artists and activists contribute to an inclusive debate on these developments. Through their work they show and question the influence of these companies and develop systems and escape routes to restrict or circumvent their power. More than once they defeat these multinationals by use of their own technology or reveil their malpractices through sophisticated projects.

Participating artists and websites

Guido Segni (The Middle Fingle Response), Mediengruppe Bitnik (Random Darknet Shopper), Kayle Brandon & Kate Rich (Feral Trade), Ubermorgen (Vote Auction 2000), The Yes Men (Yeslab), Rainer Brendl aka « 6 » (@SEX), Matthew Plummer Fernandez & Julien Deswaef (Shiv Integer), Kari Altmann plus contributors (R-U-IN?S), CTA Heath Bunting & Rachel Baker (Natural Reality SuperWeed kit 1.0), Dries De Poorter & Ward Oostlijnck (TinderMe.Cards), DIS (DIS Magazine), Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett (Furtherfield), moddr_ & Fresco Gamba (Suicidemachine), Dennis De Bel (Genius Bar), Evan Roth (Ideas Worth Spreading), Dries Depoorter (Scratch Tickets),  Clifton Anthony (Bored Lord).

Curated by JODI & Gluon

This exhibition is organized in the framework of Trademarks 2016. (

Image: Clifton Anthony (Bored Lord), Crowded, 2015.