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Een tentoonstelling

For A Brave New Brussels

Lab.01: Artistic versus technocentric approaches on smart cities

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The BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign


Le duo d’artistes LarbitsSisters présente son nouveau projet chez Gluon, en collaboration avec Fundamental Research. BitSoil Tax & Hack Campaign est une oeuvre d’art sous la forme d’une campagne numérique. Elle se déploie à la fois hors ligne, dans l’espace d’exposition de Gluon, et en ligne sur Twitter, où des bots œuvrent à troller de grandes entreprises technologiques. […]


When Art Meets Science

As part of the I Love Science Festival, BOZAR & Gluon will be presenting at Tour & Taxis an exceptional exhibition on the impact of artificial intelligence on society. Eight artists residing in Brussels look at this crucial question raised by the dramatic development of technology in recent years. A look tinged with humour and […]

A.I. between humour, fear & utopia II CCA, Montreal Canada

Gluon & Bozar Lab ont le plaisir de présenter l’exposition “Intelligence artificielle: entre humour, peur et utopie”. Les artistes représentés sont Frederik De Wilde, Jonas Lund, Dries Depoorter, Talina Temezian, Pinar Yoldas, Jerry Galle et Alex Verhaest. L’intelligence artificielle se développe à une vitesse fulgurante. L’intérêt et les attentes que suscitent ces avancées sont énormes. […]

Shudder / Emmanuel Van der Auwera

In this presentation of works, Emmanuel Van der Auwera shows new pieces in his ongoing series “Memento” and his latest VideoSculpture. These two bodies of work were a stimulus for his entry as an artist in residence at the Brain and Emotion Lab at the University of Maastricht. With his “Memento” works, Van der Auwera […]

Update_6 / Lee Lee-Nam @ Zebrastraat

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Corporate Parodies

In 1974, Nam June Paik launched the “Electronic Superhighway”, where artists and intellectuals would freely exchange data and movies and generate an unprecedented social impact. Creating a virtual public space is still the dream of the net. A place where people can participate to critical debates and freely share or provide information without interference from […]


Gluon is putting together an exhibition about a sustainable approach to water. Under the title WATER.WAR, the exhibition recounts the relationship between human beings and the element most essential for their survival: water. People are physically and mentally dependent on this blue gold. Rivers, seas and oceans are a source of alternative energies and food. And yet we […]