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Within the framework of the Digital Spring, Gluon, and the universities VUB and ULB organize a series of conferences and an exhibition on artificial intelligence, art and creativity. With recent developments in artificial intelligence, computers are taking part in creative processes by re-imagining photos in the style of a painter, suggesting ideas for film scripts, […]

Shudder / Emmanuel Van der Auwera

In this presentation of works, Emmanuel Van der Auwera shows new pieces in his ongoing series « Memento » and his latest VideoSculpture. These two bodies of work were a stimulus for his entry as an artist in residence at the Brain and Emotion Lab at the University of Maastricht. With his « Memento » works, Van der Auwera […]


Gluon is putting together an exhibition about a sustainable approach to water. Under the title WATER.WAR, the exhibition recounts the relationship between human beings and the element most essential for their survival: water. People are physically and mentally dependent on this blue gold. Rivers, seas and oceans are a source of alternative energies and food. And yet we […]