When Art Meets Science



Tour & Taxis

Avenue du Port 86c

1000 Brussels

As part of the I Love Science Festival, BOZAR & Gluon will be presenting at Tour & Taxis an exceptional exhibition on the impact of artificial intelligence on society.

Eight artists residing in Brussels look at this crucial question raised by the dramatic development of technology in recent years. A look tinged with humour and anguish, utopian hopes and a sense of resignation.  Works that render visible the systems and structures that underlie artificial intelligence and reveal the interactions between man and machine. In so doing they go beyond the technological or the economic and question the cultural, psychological, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of this phenomenon that affects us all.

With artworks by Frederik De Wilde, Jonas Lund, Dries Depoorter, Taline Temizian, Pinar Yoldas, Shawn Maximo, Jerry Galle and Alex Verhaest.

heures d'ouverture

10h -18h

frais d'entrée

Free entrance