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Human cyborgs

Speculating on the future

Wearable Technology / Virtual Reality / 3D printing

If you can’t beat them, join them. According to Elon Musk, we’d better become a cyborg to match the rapidly evolving technologies. During this workshop we challenge young people to use digital tools to sketch a utopian or dystopian picture of the cyborg future. Participants are triggered by the work of visionary cyborg artists. Then we challenge them to speculate about the future in group. The resulting doomsday scenarios and imaginary scenes take the form of a virtual experience or 3D print. This workshop is in cooperation with STARTPROjecten.

Target audience
G / T / A / P
2nd — 3rd grade Secondary education
To be discussed
To be discussed
€ 7 per student / € 70 for groups with 10 or less students
4 — 7 hours
Number of students
Max. 20 students