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Module 1: Digital Arts

During the first STARTS module, an introduction is offered intuitively about all aspects of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR). You design scenarios and stories that can only be told via VR or AR. You develop interactive experiences that apply concepts from the VR industry, life theater and video games. In this way you […]

Module 2: Product Development

In the second STARTS Module, you will learn how to come up with and make new products yourself. With the arrival of new technology, product development has taken a great leap forward within a digital context. We guide you in converting your idea into a real prototype. You will learn how to work with the […]

Module 3: Third Platforms

In the third STARTS module, you will discover the challenges and dangers of Artificial Intelligence or A.I: essentially a digital brain that analyzes data and can ‘help’ people to make the right decisions. A.I can make the world more sustainable, safer and healthier, but at the same time also be used for destructive purposes. You gain […]

Internet of Things

STARTS Academy

A tour in the wonderful world of artificial intelligence, what is it even? But be prepared for some practical use cases! Have you even heard of IOT? Let’s go crazy and combine these two I.T trends in to one! We will be using Alexa’s and raspberry pi’s to achieve our goal. Don’t be scared of […]

Artificial Intelligence

STARTS Academy

Have you ever wondered what the real potential is of a computer and what we can exactly use it for? What is “intelligence” even, just a good score on an IQ test? Not at all! We’ll find this out with the new Google Home. We’ll write an application for it to put the theory into […]

Big Data & Visualisation

STARTS Academy

From big data to data science and visualization to visual analytics. What do all these terms mean, what can they mean to you, and how can you start working with them? Wouter Van den Broeck takes you on a field trip fact and fiction with stories, examples, exercises and insights. To sign up, contact:

3D Printing & 3D Design

STARTS Academy

In this STARTS Academy workshop, you’ll learn all about how to design in 3D and print your creations using the Ultimaker 3D Printer.

Lasercutting & 2D Design

STARTS Academy

Come and learn all about 2D design with the laser cutter. We’ll brainstorm an idea, design it, and bring it to life!

From Idea to Prototype

STARTS Academy

Want to learn more about laser cutting, 3d printing, and designing your own objects? Come to Fablab Brussels tomorrow at 2pm for our next STARTS Academy workshop: From Idea to Prototype!

STARTS Academy: Grand Opening

STARTS Academy

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