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Pieterjan Ginckels x Snowball

Symbiotic Machines For Space Exploration

Ivan Henriques

Humans are now drivers of environmental change on a scale that is unique in Earth’s history. Anthropocentric landscapes are characterised by reduced biodiversity and deteriorated ecosystems. In the meantime preparations are being made for Lunar and Martian habitats, requiring a tremendous advancement in the methods and instrumentation of ecosynthesis. How will scientists and engineers working […]

Space Farming Project


Within the framework of the Orbit Space program, artist Angelo Vermeulen (SEAD) was invited by Gluon to develop the Space Farming Project. In order to sustain human life for extended periods of time in deep space one cannot solely rely on support from Earth. It’ll be essential to become self-sustaining through a combination of in […]

Orbit Space Program

For many years the exploration of space and colonizing distant planets has been the domain of science fiction. As we are confronted with increasing global challenges, we’re now entering a race to colonize and terraform the universe. In recent years, more and more companies have shown their interest in the exploration of space and terraformation. […]

Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Emmanuel Van der Auwera was invited by Gluon for a 3-month residency in the Brain and Emotion Lab at the University of Maastricht under the direction of Prof. Beatrice de Gelder and her team. The Brain and Emotion Lab investigates emotion and cognition in humans. Projects include investigations of emotion and cognition in neurologically intact […]

Significant Other

Jonas Lund

Gluon invited artist Jonas Lund for a residency at the Belgian tech company Televic. Televic develops, manufactures and installs top end high-tech communication systems for specific niche markets. Jonas Lund’s Significant Other is an intelligent, networked sculptural display. The pair of dual-screen-and-camera installations capture and display imagery and information shared between two locations. In reference to the […]

Scientist in Residence program

Gluon launches Scientist in Residence program What happens when the ‘artist in residence’ model reverses into science? The GLUON Scientist-In-Residence programme is designed for a new generation of scientists interested in collaborating with artists. Our intention is to challenge the hierarchy between the arts & empirical sciences predominant in the twentieth century, and challenge the technological and […]

Ivan Henriques

The development of this prototype is part of the evolution of bio-machines previously built by artist Ivan Henriques (°1978, Brazil), which are hybrid forms between living organisms and machines creating an evolutionary vector between machines and nature. In collaboration with the scientists of LabMET, Faculty of Bio-Engineering at the University of Ghent, Henriques developed a […]

Orban Space

The Belgian architect and urban planner Luc Deleu, who founded T.O.P. Office in 1970, raises questions about the role of architecture and urban design in a globalised society. The T.O.P Office team and researchers from the iMinds research centre are working together on the Orban Space project. This research and design project deals with public […]

Kris Verdonck – H, An accident

H, an accident is een performance voor het grote podium waarvoor Kris Verdonck robotica wilde gebruiken. Hiervoor deed hij beroep op onderzoekers van ICBN UGent en EDM Hasselt. Live muziek was een belangrijk deel van de voorstelling  en werd gecomponeerd door Jónas Sen. Het werd gespeeld door mechanisch-akoestische instrumenten ontwikkeld door de firma Decap-Herentals. Deze […]