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Lab.01 Conference and debate

For A Brave New Brussels

To accompany the exhibition For A Brave New Brussels at MAAT’s Main Gallery, Brussels-based artists, scientists, scholars, curators and policymakers come together and discuss the role that art can play in the creation of our future cities. What new approaches to art in the public realm are being explored and what effect are they having […]

Teaching Lab Bootcamp

Het teaching lab gaat van start met een bootcamp in het MMLab. Hierbij zullen de Gluon Coaches kennis maken met de SCRUM methode en de Gluon Lab’s waarbij wetenschappen en technologie worden aangepakt met kunst als context. Hierbij wordt er ook gefocust op de uitdagingen van open-ended labs. Er zal een hands-on introductie zijn van […]

BUDA Factory

The Buda Factory is a creative “roundtable” for people with entrepreneurial spirit: students, product developers, designers, copywriters, event managers, theatre makers… you name it. What binds them together is the desire to dive into the pool together and enrich one another’s projects. Buda invests not only in its own infrastructure, but also in a network […]