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Een tentoonstelling

Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Solo exhibition Gluon, in collaboration with Fundamental Research is hosting an exhibition by Emmanuel Van der Auwera. The exhibition shows the work developed by the artist during a 3-month residency in the Brain and Emotion Lab at the University of Maastricht under the direction of Beatrice de Gelder and her team. It is the first exhibition […]


BOZAR is showing off the results of the Gluon STEAM Labs, in which young people, artists and technologists set off on an interdisciplinary quest for solutions to big city challenges. The young ‘urban activists’ draw their inspiration from the city and use new digital technologies to come up with ideas, tools and prototypes for a […]

Update_6 / Lee Lee-Nam @ Zebrastraat

UPDATE_6 / Lee Lee-Nam De biënnale Update_6 vindt plaats van 5 november t.e.m. 4 december 2016 in Zebrastraat Gent – België. Een internationale kunsttentoonstelling met technologie als context, gelinkt aan de New Technological Art Award. De missie van Update is het uitbreiden van de reikwijdte van hedendaagse artistieke creaties en traditionele media met werken die […]

Corporate Parodies

In 1974, Nam June Paik launched the “Electronic Superhighway”, where artists and intellectuals would freely exchange data and movies and generate an unprecedented social impact. Creating a virtual public space is still the dream of the net. A place where people can participate to critical debates and freely share or provide information without interference from […]


Gluon is putting together an exhibition about a sustainable approach to water. Under the title WATER.WAR, the exhibition recounts the relationship between human beings and the element most essential for their survival: water. People are physically and mentally dependent on this blue gold. Rivers, seas and oceans are a source of alternative energies and food. And yet we […]

The Green Light District

Yogurt with human enzymes, a juicer which also prints pamphlets, a second life for extinct plants, bee colonies in an indoor winter garden, grown in vitro meat as new Burger,..How do technology and science change the relationship between man and nature in the city? Designers, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists present concrete projects that transcend a […]