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Reinvent Brussels

Gluon Summer Lab Expo

With 182 different nationalities, Brussels is the most cosmopolitan city of Europe. How can we promote encounters in the public space between all these diverse ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and life experiences? During the Gluon Summer Lab 25 young researchers will try to answer this question using new technologies in the Fablab of the Erasmushogeschool. Come […]

Gluon Biolab: Vernissage

Last week, some 15 young people experimented in the Open Biolab of the Erasmus Hogeschool in Jette. Under the direction of artist @Annemarie Maes and biologist Tom Peeters, they collected and bred bacteria, made bio leather and bio plastic, examined the bacteriological pollution of their smartphones, door handles, light switches … This Saturday the participants will show […]


BOZAR is showing off the results of the Gluon STEAM Labs, in which young people, artists and technologists set off on an interdisciplinary quest for solutions to big city challenges. The young ‘urban activists’ draw their inspiration from the city and use new digital technologies to come up with ideas, tools and prototypes for a […]