Gluon Art and research

An essential part of GLUON’s activities consists of forming multidisciplinary teams in which artists, researchers (scientists & technologists) and companies exchange expertise and knowledge. Through its Art&Development labs, GLUON supports residencies of artists in the R&D departments of companies, research institutes and universities. The Scientist-in-Residence program is designed for a new generation of scientists interested in collaborating with artists. The program invites renowned contemporary artists to host a researcher in the independent and inspiring environment of their studio, reversing the usual approach of inviting artists to work in the R&D departments of companies or research institutions. All Art&Research projects are aimed at generating artistic projects that question our relationship with science and technology. At the same time, these projects also lead to innovative ideas, products or services in non-artistic sectors. The exhibitions developed by GLUON explore the curatorial practice of the 20th century and explore new formats by bringing together different disciplines around a specific subject. GLUON does not develop monodisciplinary exhibitions, but presentations with a wide variety of disciplines and objects such as contemporary visual art, performance, film, design, industrial products, prototypes, and so on.