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Module 1: Digital Arts

During the first STARTS module, an introduction is offered intuitively about all aspects of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR). You design scenarios and stories that can only be told via VR or AR. You develop interactive experiences that apply concepts from the VR industry, life theater and video games. In this way you […]

Module 2: Product Development

In the second STARTS Module, you will learn how to come up with and make new products yourself. With the arrival of new technology, product development has taken a great leap forward within a digital context. We guide you in converting your idea into a real prototype. You will learn how to work with the […]

Lab.01 Conference and debate

For A Brave New Brussels

To accompany the exhibition For A Brave New Brussels at MAAT’s Main Gallery, Brussels-based artists, scientists, scholars, curators and policymakers come together and discuss the role that art can play in the creation of our future cities. What new approaches to art in the public realm are being explored and what effect are they having […]

Human agency in the robotic world

A lecture by Alexander Mankowsky

In collaboration with BOZAR lab, Gluon invited Alexander Mankowsky for a talk about life and mobility in the future. How is artificial intelligence (AI) influencing tomorrow’s mobility solutions? How can the community be optimized by machine support and above all – how does this affect people? These are the central questions discussed by Alexander Mankowsky, […]

Hacktivate The City
Wearable Technology Labs

Make a difference in the fashion world!  Are you between 14 and 18 and are you interested in fashion or new technologies? Do you think the future needs radical and innovative ideas? Then join the Wearable Technology Lab and get to design your own smart clothing with real fashion designers, technicians and the artists Claire […]

For A Brave New Brussels

Lab.01: Artistic versus technocentric approaches on smart cities

Within the framework of the visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Belgians to Portugal, BOZAR, GLUON and curator Stéphanie Pécourt, with the support of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, are proud to present the exhibition For A Brave New Brussels at the Museum For Art and Architecture – MAAT – […]

Module 3: Third Platforms

In the third STARTS module, you will discover the challenges and dangers of Artificial Intelligence or A.I: essentially a digital brain that analyzes data and can ‘help’ people to make the right decisions. A.I can make the world more sustainable, safer and healthier, but at the same time also be used for destructive purposes. You gain […]

Orbit Space Program

For many years the exploration of space and colonizing distant planets has been the domain of science fiction. As we are confronted with increasing global challenges, we’re now entering a race to colonize and terraform the universe. In recent years, more and more companies have shown their interest in the exploration of space and terraformation. […]

Reinvent Brussels

Gluon Summer Lab Expo

With 182 different nationalities, Brussels is the most cosmopolitan city of Europe. How can we promote encounters in the public space between all these diverse ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and life experiences? During the Gluon Summer Lab 25 young researchers will try to answer this question using new technologies in the Fablab of the Erasmushogeschool. Come […]