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When Art Meets Science

As part of the I Love Science Festival, BOZAR & Gluon will be presenting at Tour & Taxis an exceptional exhibition on the impact of artificial intelligence on society. Eight artists residing in Brussels look at this crucial question raised by the dramatic development of technology in recent years. A look tinged with humour and […]

Gluon Biolab: Vernissage

Last week, some 15 young people experimented in the Open Biolab of the Erasmus Hogeschool in Jette. Under the direction of artist @Annemarie Maes and biologist Tom Peeters, they collected and bred bacteria, made bio leather and bio plastic, examined the bacteriological pollution of their smartphones, door handles, light switches … This Saturday the participants will show […]

STARTS Academy: Grand Opening

STARTS Academy

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Digital Storytelling

STARTS Academy

Come discover the creative power of 360 degree video in this next STARTS Academy workshop at Erasmushogeschool Brussel! All 14 to 18 year olds are welcome. No prior experience necessary! Cost: € 8 (social tariff: € 2) Interested in attending? Email Signing up in advance is not required, but encouraged!

Augmented Reality

STARTS Academy

In the Augmented Reality workshop, we will make an Android application that enables your smartphone to view 3D models on top of a printed tracker. You’ll choose a 3D model and image you like and will be guided step by step through the process of turning it into an augmented reality experience. We will be […]

A.I. between humour, fear & utopia II CCA, Montreal Canada

Gluon & BOZAR Lab are proud to present the exhibition A.I.: Between humour, fear and utopia. Participating artists include Frederik De Wilde, Jonas Lund, Dries Depoorter, Taline Temizian, Pinar Yoldas, Jerry Galle and Alex Verhaest We are in the midst of rapid AI innovation. Interest and expectations are all-time high and the latest developments are […]

Shudder / Emmanuel Van der Auwera

In this presentation of works, Emmanuel Van der Auwera shows new pieces in his ongoing series “Memento” and his latest VideoSculpture. These two bodies of work were a stimulus for his entry as an artist in residence at the Brain and Emotion Lab at the University of Maastricht. With his “Memento” works, Van der Auwera […]

Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Emmanuel Van der Auwera was invited by Gluon for a 3-month residency in the Brain and Emotion Lab at the University of Maastricht under the direction of Prof. Beatrice de Gelder and her team. The Brain and Emotion Lab investigates emotion and cognition in humans. Projects include investigations of emotion and cognition in neurologically intact […]

Jonas Lund

Televic, in collaboration with Gluon, invited the Swedish artist Jonas Lund for an Art & D Lab. Televic develops, manufactures and implements quality high-tech communication systems for specific niche markets. The company develops passenger information  systems in trains, communication systems and multimedia and e-learning solutions for staff training  and educational institutions. About Jonas Lund Jonas […]

Gluon Spring Lab

In Open Biolab Brussels Did you know that bacteria make up 2 to 3 kilograms of your bodyweight? And that these are found mostly on your skin and in your intestines? Gross? No way, we need them! Good bacteria help keep us healthy. Moreover, you can do really cool things with them! During the Gluon Spring […]