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Jan De Cock, Frank Raes & David Surprenant

Artist Jan De Cock, climatologist Frank Raes and interactive developer David Surprenant have started a new collaboration as part of the Scientist in Residence Programme. Inspired by the use of radio frequences by the resistance during the wars, the team aims to develop an alternative system of communication, taking the form of a device or […]

Gluon Foundation Programme 2016 – 2017

  Events & Art trips 14 – 15/10/2016  Trip to Architecture Biennial Venice 20/11/2016  Walk & Talk / City Triennial Hasselt 02/02/2017  Trip to Rotterdam 05/02/2017  Hans Ulrich Obrist, 11 Lijnen 01 – 09/04/2017  Trip to Mexico Pop-up events 04/09/2016  Honoré δ’ 0 presents ‘Holy Molecule’ / Mu.ZEE, Ostend 03/12/2016  Visit Update_6 / Studio Dirk Braeckman […]

Gluon Foundation Programme 2017 – 2018

  Lectures 23/11/2017 RCR Arquitectes 08/02/2018 Dunne & Rabby X / Alexis Ryngaert Salons 17/11/2017  Pascale Marthine Tayou 12/01/2018  Angelo Vermeulen  26/04/2018  Simon Denny 15/06/2018  David Hockney  Art trips 12-14/10/2017  Düsseldorf 11-14/03/2018  Tel Aviv 30/05 – 01/06/2018  Moscow  

Gluon Foundation Programme 2015 – 2016

Art trips 08 – 10/10/2015 Trip to Berlin 04 – 05/04/2016 Trip to London Lectures 11/12/2015 Tuur van Balen & Revital Cohen / Voldemārs Johansons 29/01/2016 Anton Zeilinger 27/06/2016 Carlo Ratti Associati

Internet of Things

STARTS Academy

A tour in the wonderful world of artificial intelligence, what is it even? But be prepared for some practical use cases! Have you even heard of IOT? Let’s go crazy and combine these two I.T trends in to one! We will be using Alexa’s and raspberry pi’s to achieve our goal. Don’t be scared of […]

Artificial Intelligence

STARTS Academy

Have you ever wondered what the real potential is of a computer and what we can exactly use it for? What is “intelligence” even, just a good score on an IQ test? Not at all! We’ll find this out with the new Google Home. We’ll write an application for it to put the theory into […]

The BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign


The artist duo LarbitsSisters present their new project at Gluon, in collaboration with Fundamental Research. The BitSoil Tax & Hack Campaign is an internet based installation that deploys its activity both online and offline, presented at Gluon. It’s an interaction between a troupe of happily trolling social media bots on Twitter and an offline interactive installation, geared […]

Big Data & Visualisation

STARTS Academy

From big data to data science and visualization to visual analytics. What do all these terms mean, what can they mean to you, and how can you start working with them? Wouter Van den Broeck takes you on a field trip fact and fiction with stories, examples, exercises and insights. To sign up, contact:

3D Printing & 3D Design

STARTS Academy

In this STARTS Academy workshop, you’ll learn all about how to design in 3D and print your creations using the Ultimaker 3D Printer.

Lasercutting & 2D Design

STARTS Academy

Come and learn all about 2D design with the laser cutter. We’ll brainstorm an idea, design it, and bring it to life!