Gluon Art and research

Kuang-Yi Ku

Meet the artist of our Studiotopia residency programme


During the course of almost two years artist Kuang-Yi Ku will participate in the European Studiotopia program alongside GLUON. This is a unique opportunity to conduct a long term ArtScience research and present their results in exhibitions, pop-up labs, lectures and workshops across the partnering institutions.


Kuang-Yi Ku has been working on the collaboration between art and science and especially focus on the topic of how state-of-the-art medicine affects future society. His backgrounds of medical professions and artistic practice make him be capable of dealing with complex ethical issues of emerging medical technology. And it means that his works could create new imaginations of medicine and provide a better health care in the future. It reflects “Good Health and Well-being”, one of the UN sustainable development goals. He also has a couple of projects which are dealing with the conflicts between environmental problems and cultural traditions, for example, the usage of animal parts of endangered species in traditional Chinese medicine. His projects are finding solutions to both protect the endangered creatures and preserve the perishing cultural heritage. It does reflect the UN sustainable development goals related to environmental protection such as “Life on Land”, “Climate Action” and so on.


Kuang Yi Ku  was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and has been based in the Netherlands since 2016. Formerly a dentist, Ku is a bio-artist and social designer. He founded TW BioArt, a Taiwan bioart community, to stimulate the fields of BioArt and Science + Art in Taiwan. His works often deal with the human body, sexuality, interspecies interactions, and medical technology, and aim to investigate the relationships among technology, individuals, and the environment.

Commissioned by GLUON within the framework of STUDIOTOPIA

In partnership with VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie)
Supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union, National Arts and Culture Foundation (NCAF)Taiwan