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the overview effect

For the exhibition ‘TENDENCIES’, curator Raphaël Stevens selected six Belgian artists, including the Space Farming Project of the international collective SEAD (Angelo Vermeulen) developed in collaboration with Gluon. The ‘Space Farming’ project looks ahead to the future of mankind in an interstellar context. In collaboration with a team of experts associated with Howest, Angelo Vermeulen […]

Orbit space

speculative futures

As part of the ‘I Love Science’ festival, Gluon is showing the results of the multi-year ‘Orbit Space’ project at BOZAR lab. This exhibition presents 2 installations by contemporary artists, focusing on space exploration and terraforming. Ivan Henriques has developed a new “bio-drone” that stimulates atmospheric formation on other planets. In collaboration with the X-Lab of […]

Symbiotic Machines For Space Exploration

Ivan Henriques

Humans are now drivers of environmental change on a scale that is unique in Earth’s history. Anthropocentric landscapes are characterised by reduced biodiversity and deteriorated ecosystems. In the meantime preparations are being made for Lunar and Martian habitats, requiring a tremendous advancement in the methods and instrumentation of ecosynthesis. How will scientists and engineers working […]

Space Farming Project


Within the framework of the Orbit Space program, artist Angelo Vermeulen (SEAD) was invited by Gluon to develop the Space Farming Project. In order to sustain human life for extended periods of time in deep space one cannot solely rely on support from Earth. It’ll be essential to become self-sustaining through a combination of in […]

Political satire and humour in our online society

A Lecture by Kevin Kallaugher

In collaboration with Zebrastraat, Gluon invited the international award-winning political cartoonist, Kevin Kallaugher (°1955, USA), for a lecture on the role of political satire and humour in our online society.  For media coverage we live in the best and worst times. Thanks to the internet, finding useful information and spreading news has never been easier. […]