Monthly Archives: October 2018

Smart citizenship Winter Lab

With more than 182 different nationalities, Brussels is one the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. We are with more than 1 million Brussels citizens from different cultures and generations that makes Brussels a fascinating and energetic place. A walk through the city with experienced coaches will let you see the different challenges and problems in the […]

Module 1: Product Development

Met de komst van nieuwe technologie heeft het ontwikkelen van producten binnen een digitale context een grote sprong voor- waarts genomen. In deze module leer je zelf nieuwe producten ontwikkelen. We begeleiden je bij het omzetten van jouw idee tot een reel prototype o.a. met de lasercutter en 3D printer.  Woensdag 9/01, 16/01, 23/01, 30/01, 6/02, 13/02 […]

Lab.01 Conference and debate

For A Brave New Brussels

To accompany the exhibition For A Brave New Brussels at MAAT’s Main Gallery, Brussels-based artists, scientists, scholars, curators and policymakers come together and discuss the role that art can play in the creation of our future cities. What new approaches to art in the public realm are being explored and what effect are they having […]