Monthly Archives: October 2018

Module 1: Digital Arts

During the first STARTS module, an introduction is offered intuitively about all aspects of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR). You design scenarios and stories that can only be told via VR or AR. You develop interactive experiences that apply concepts from the VR industry, life theater and video games. In this way you […]

Module 2: Product Development

In the second STARTS Module, you will learn how to come up with and make new products yourself. With the arrival of new technology, product development has taken a great leap forward within a digital context. We guide you in converting your idea into a real prototype. You will learn how to work with the […]

Lab.01 Conference and debate

For A Brave New Brussels

To accompany the exhibition For A Brave New Brussels at MAAT’s Main Gallery, Brussels-based artists, scientists, scholars, curators and policymakers come together and discuss the role that art can play in the creation of our future cities. What new approaches to art in the public realm are being explored and what effect are they having […]