Monthly Archives: June 2018

Orbit Space Program

For many years the exploration of space and colonizing distant planets has been the domain of science fiction. As we are confronted with increasing global challenges, we’re now entering a race to colonize and terraform the universe. In recent years, more and more companies have shown their interest in the exploration of space and terraformation. […]

Reinvent Brussels

Gluon Summer Lab Expo

With 182 different nationalities, Brussels is the most cosmopolitan city of Europe. How can we promote encounters in the public space between all these diverse ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and life experiences? During the Gluon Summer Lab 25 young researchers will try to answer this question using new technologies in the Fablab of the Erasmushogeschool. Come […]

Jan De Cock, Frank Raes & David Surprenant

Artist Jan De Cock, climatologist Frank Raes and interactive developer David Surprenant have started a new collaboration as part of the Scientist in Residence Programme. Inspired by the use of radio frequences by the resistance during the wars, the team aims to develop an alternative system of communication, taking the form of a device or […]