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The BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign


The artist duo LarbitsSisters present their new project at Gluon, in collaboration with Fundamental Research. The BitSoil Tax & Hack Campaign is an internet based installation that deploys its activity both online and offline, presented at Gluon. It’s an interaction between a troupe of happily trolling social media bots on Twitter and an offline interactive installation, geared […]

Big Data & Visualisation

STARTS Academy

From big data to data science and visualization to visual analytics. What do all these terms mean, what can they mean to you, and how can you start working with them? Wouter Van den Broeck takes you on a field trip fact and fiction with stories, examples, exercises and insights. To sign up, contact:

3D Printing & 3D Design

STARTS Academy

In this STARTS Academy workshop, you’ll learn all about how to design in 3D and print your creations using the Ultimaker 3D Printer.

Lasercutting & 2D Design

STARTS Academy

Come and learn all about 2D design with the laser cutter. We’ll brainstorm an idea, design it, and bring it to life!

From Idea to Prototype

STARTS Academy

Want to learn more about laser cutting, 3d printing, and designing your own objects? Come to Fablab Brussels tomorrow at 2pm for our next STARTS Academy workshop: From Idea to Prototype!


When Art Meets Science

As part of the I Love Science Festival, BOZAR & Gluon will be presenting at Tour & Taxis an exceptional exhibition on the impact of artificial intelligence on society. Eight artists residing in Brussels look at this crucial question raised by the dramatic development of technology in recent years. A look tinged with humour and […]

STARTS Academy: Grand Opening

STARTS Academy

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.

Digital Storytelling

STARTS Academy

Come discover the creative power of 360 degree video in this next STARTS Academy workshop at Erasmushogeschool Brussel! All 14 to 18 year olds are welcome. No prior experience necessary! Cost: € 8 (social tariff: € 2) Interested in attending? Email Signing up in advance is not required, but encouraged!

Augmented Reality

STARTS Academy

In the Augmented Reality workshop, we will make an Android application that enables your smartphone to view 3D models on top of a printed tracker. You’ll choose a 3D model and image you like and will be guided step by step through the process of turning it into an augmented reality experience. We will be […]

Game Development

STARTS Academy

Announcing the first ever workshop of the Gluon STARTS Academy: Game Development with Unity! Ages 14 to 18 In the Game Development workshop, we’ll first go through the basics of the Unity3D software and learn about its interfaces and development workflow. After that, we’ll start working on creating a roll-a-ball game, where the player has […]